DUNNAGE is a term that is used to describe components or materials that are used to secure-hold-lock the freight inside the container or boxcar to avoid damages during its transportation.

V Modal has a specialized area that analyzes the load that will be transported to recommend the best scheme-load diagram for container or boxcar.

A loaded merchandise, which is properly distributed, blocked, and secured ensures that the merchandise arrives as it left its origin and helps avoid costs caused by delays, rework, returns, etc.


We should take in consideration the following basic information:
> Container and/or Boxcar size.
> Type of cargo: drums, pallets, bags, etc.
> Dimensions of loaded pallets (length, width, height).
> Number of pallets or packages.
> Weight of the load.
> Provide photographs of the load.
> Confirm if the load can be stored at floor of the equipment or if it can be stacked.
> How the load is unified? Pallets, bags, drums, etc.?

To stabilize and secure the load, it is necessary to take advantage of different types of blocking and securing material such as spacers, space fillers, strapping, air bags, etc., specifically designed for locking and securing loads in the intermodal transportation.


Working together at V Modal, we can design a successful cargo plan by making cargo securing materials such as:

> Air bags
> Clamping bands
> Space fillers
> Security seals
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