Provide excellent "Logistics Coordination" services, combining different rail, road and maritime modes transportation, through the Intermodal service and the General Cargo in railroad, making efficient the cost of transportation in the supply chain of the companies and our customers, with a "Friendly with the Environment" proposal, reducing the carbon footprint, road congestion on highways and main cities, as well as the insecurity on road routes in the Door to Door services that we provide.


Become the most reliable, profitable and productive “Logistics Coordination” company in North America for road and rail transportation.


We started operations in 2010 with the support and participation of our executives, who have been collaborating in the railway industry since 1990. Our key personnel have more than 25 years of experience and we are the first 100% successful Mexican company in the Intermodal industry in North America, with service coverage in Mexico, the United States and Canada.


Telephone: +52 (442) 209 9600

E-mail: ventas@vmodal.mx

Central office: Manuel Gómez Morín 3870,
Torre Lomas, 4to. piso, Oficina 603, Centro Sur,
Querétaro, Qro., México 76090

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